DATevents provide creative bespoke services for live events and site specific art projects.

We deliver a huge range of services on a huge range of events but front and center of all our work is providing the bridge between the creative vision and practical realisation. Through all our work we strive to find solutions to even the most complex of briefs and haven't yet found an idea that couldn't be realised.

DATevents has a flexible approach to our work, with a small in-house team but a large network of trusted and experienced collaborators we are able to provide tailored and scale-able solutions suitable for any size or type of contract.

We give a lot of attention to personal relationships within a team on any event and work to create a relaxed working environment, to bring the best out of people and ultimately deliver the best event possible.

A lot of our work requires complex and developed technical solutions. We work hard to stay in touch with technical innovation and often look for ways of pushing the use of technology in new and exciting ways.

We live for new challenges and would be more than happy to discuss your next project.